The Dave Glasser #8144 ‘Love You’ Campaign

If Dave were here, he’d be saying it to you, right,  James Byrd?

Byrd told all of us at the funeral about Dave saying ‘Love you’ to his brothers in blue in his squad before he left for his shift.  And he expected them to say it, too.  At first, it felt a little awkward for all the guys loaded down with guns and weapons to be saying ‘Love you’ to each other but Dave insisted.  Because you never know if you’re going to get another chance to say it.

Turns out, he was so right.  Too right.daveys-spot-on-birthday

But all of us know he loved us.  He told us all the time – its his legacy.  And he showed it with his ready smile, loyalty, how he included everyone in his love of having fun and a million other different ways.

Since May many of us closest to Dave have gotten good at telling each other ‘Love you’ when we’re leaving.  Because nobody knows better than we do just how easy it is for us not to have another chance to say it.

And it has added some extra love to our relationships.  It has added a new depth to how important we are to each other.  It has added a clear understanding of how we are all sharing his loss together.

I just realized 

we’ve already started the Dave Glasser #8144 Love You Campaign.

And now is a great time to tell everyone else about it.  Let’s spread the love around even farther.

Would the people in your life benefit from hearing you tell them you love them more often?

Could the world around you use a little more love?

Are people around you in a stressed-out rush?

If they aren’t yet, they will be soon as Christmas gets closer and closer.

What are some things – big and small – that you could do to show some love to someone else?  You might know these people, you might not.  Love takes many forms – it can be a little more patience with them or some more forgiveness and understanding.  Love can look like giving people space to get on the freeway.  Or parking in a spot at the far end of the parking lot so others can take the close spots.  Sometimes just a smile can show acceptance and love to someone.  And never forget small gifts of chocolate 🙂

Is there someone you need to start saying ‘love you’ to more often?  Believe me, you never know if you’ll ever get another chance. #8144 love you.

Maybe there are a bunch of people you need to start saying ‘love you’ to. #Davewouldloveit.

Who are the people around you that you can start showing more love to? #honoringDaveslegacy.

I’ve started a Facebook page  – and then changed it to a group –  for The Dave Glasser #8144 Love You Campaign.

It’s for you.  It’s for all of us.

Tell us about how you are sharing the love. #8144loveyou.

Any fun ideas on how to tell people and show people you love them? #Davewouldloveit

You can post pictures, sayings – anything that will encourage the rest of us to share the love. #honoringDaveslegacy

Byrd – do you have the clip of your sharing this at Dave’s funeral?  If so, can you post it on the page? daves-squad

Everyone – go ahead and join the group so we can start spreading the news of the Dave Glasser #8144 Love You Campaign.



2 responses to “The Dave Glasser #8144 ‘Love You’ Campaign”

  1. I am a 27 year veteran with the Phoenix police department. I also know personally that you don’t know when God will take me. 5/4/89 I was involved in a horrible car accident where they actually lost my pulse for a while. I have always said to people that I love them after that incident. Life is so short and I have been blessed to have worked around David. God bless everyone and I love all of you and I truly mean that.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Please join our Dave Glasser #8144 love you campaign group on Facebook and keep sharing with the group. That’s what this is all about- spreading the 💙. Love you! And may God bless you, too!💙💙


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