We’re Starving …….

were-starvingfor love.

for acceptance.

for community.

This last week is proof.

We all want to be loved and we aren’t getting a lot of it in our current culture.

I was truly amazed by the response to the Dave Glasser #8144 Love You Campaign this last week.  I knew it was special and unique and an important part of Davey’s legacy.

I just didn’t realize how much our community is starving for good news – news about telling each other that we ‘love you’ and spreading that love around to others that live around us.

I had the opportunity to tell Dave’s ‘Love You’ story on the Channel 15 News and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  We have a Dave Glasser #8144 Love You Campaign group page on Facebook – if you’d like to be a part of this group and get the news on the campaign, just ask to join it.  Please join it – we’d all like to hear how you are helping to spread the ‘Love You’s’.

And I have a challenge for all of you –

start increasing the love right in your own home.

Make sure you’re telling the people in your home that you love them and, maybe more importantly, show it.  The people around you are starving for love and attention.  Your teenagers might not act like it, but, underneath all that attitude, they are.

Turn off the TV and put away the pads and telephones and video games.  When you’re looking at a screen, your body is there but your mind is not.

Talk with each other.  Set up a family game night where you put your screens away and sit around the table, laughing and making memories.  Make it extra special by sharing their favorite dessert.   Go out for ice cream – leaving your phones at home.  With older kids, go bowling, again a ‘no screen’ zone.  Have dinner together around the table at least once a week – and more if you can – no screens and only positive, encouraging conversation.  You can do it!  I know you can!

If you don’t have any kids, ask the people around you to put down their screens so they are actually present with you.  Invite some friends over to play some cards and make it a ‘no screen’ zone.  Davey loved to play poker – have a regular Dave Glasser Memorial Poker night –  and include some shots 🙂 #Davewouldloveit.

The reporter for Channel 15 asked me this week what I think Dave would say about this #8144 Love You campaign.

I think he would really enjoy the fact that this Christmas has a little more love in it because of what he role-modeled for us.  He encouraged his squad to express their love for each other and, knowing that, the rest of us have also been encouraged to tell each other ‘Love you’ more often.  It has deepened our relationships and helped us grow closer as we figure out how to move forward without him.

Davey loved people.  They were very important to him.  It’s one of the reasons he became a Policeman and it helped make him a great one.

So…..go ahead, put down your screen and go give someone a hug…hang out with them awhile and say ‘Love you’.



2 responses to “We’re Starving …….”

  1. That was so wonderful to read Judy, it sent little shivers through me. Thank you so much for your thoughts and actions in trying to better everyone. You help alot of people I am sure. I hope you and Dave have a peaceful Christmas. I will be thinking about you both and Davey, especially because I will be with Katie and David. I know where their minds will be.

    Love you and Dave and your family. Anne


    1. Thank you for your love and prayers, Anne! Please give my kids a hug from me💙💙💙. Merry Christmas!


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