It’s Really May 18th

May 18 – the real date of when my son, Dave, left this earth.

You would know that as well if you had seen him.

His body was hooked up to all kinds of machines that were keeping his lungs moving and his heart beating.

But Davey – the fun, smart, wonderful son, husband, dad, brother and friend  – was already gone.

He was already with his Father God.

I am thankful to modern medicine which gave us time to start coming to terms to our new reality.  We had several hours to figure out how to start to say good-bye.  It helped.

I am thankful that the machines were able to keep his organs alive so that he could give the gift of life to so many other people.  Our families have been blessed by other organ donors so we know what an important thing this is.  Knowing that helped.

I am thankful for the doctors and nurses who treated Dave with care and respect.  They also were very helpful and understanding to those of us who spent the darkest hours of that night in rooms next to Dave in unbelief of what was happening.  It helped.

I am thankful for the rooms full of police officers and friends at the hospital who prayed for us and supported us through those awful hours.  It helped.

I am thankful for the family and friends all over the country who prayed for us through that night.   I am thankful for all of the people who prayed for us and didn’t even know us.   It helped.

I am thankful for Dave’s squad who, disregarding their own pain, had the worst job of making telephone calls and getting us to the hospital.   I am also  thankful for the Employee Assistance Unit led by Sgt. Dave Osborne.   Both of these teams promised support and they meant it.  And it hasn’t stopped.  It really helped.eau

I am thankful for the entire Phoenix Police Department who supported us that night any way they possibly could.   They parked our cars so we could run right into the hospital, they brought food, they picked up family at the airport, they took care of the press, they drove us home, they never left their watch on Dave’s room and much more.  It all helped.

I am thankful for Pastor Mark Grochoki from our church, Palm Valley, who somehow found a way through the crowds and lines of police to pray for us in a small, dark corner of the hospital lobby.  It was an oasis of peace in a very long, terrible night.  It helped.

I am thankful for the Police Chaplain, Bob Fesmire, who is so clearly called by God to walk families like ours through the most painful hours of our lives. Your words of wisdom cut through the shock and helped us move forward.  You prayed for us through the night when we had no words.  I will never forget your prayer as we said our last goodbyes before leaving the hospital.  I don’t recall the exact words of your prayer but I remember God reaching out through them to wrap his arms around me to comfort me.  You were God with skin on that night, my brother.  You really helped.

May 19 is Dave’s official E.O.W.  But May 18th was his last day on earth.  Now he lives in our hearts and our memories until we see him again in heaven.

I’m not saying that we need to change the date on all the plaques and forms.

I just wanted you to know……..

He’s Out There…

I feel him.

I see him.

I know you feel him and see him, my Blue Family.

All day long.

The Prince of Darkness.  The Father of Lies.

He thinks he’s winning right now.  The anger.  The hatred. The violence.

satans-goalsAll his creation, his idea.

He doesn’t like the fact that you’re reading this.

If you didn’t know about him or haven’t thought about it, this might open your eyes to what’s really going on.  We are no threat to him when we’re clueless about the source of all evil.

Who’s behind it all.

He is creating the chaos and the pain.

He’s smiling right now – he loves it.

He’s very smart.  He uses people to do his dirty work so it looks like people are the problem.

Yes, the fact that they are listening to him and letting him use them is a problem.

But let’s not get distracted by the people, the faces.  He wants to confuse us so we’re not dealing with the truth.

There’s a battle going on but it’s not the one in the media and on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a battle for our souls.

We’re not talking about the war – God has already proclaimed victory.

But this battle for who will believe and be redeemed is not yet done.

Whose side are you on? 

Satan or God’s?

You have to choose one or the other.

Good or Evil.

Right or Wrong.

Heaven or hell.

It’s black or white.

The Evil One loves it when we get lost in the gray.  He smiles when we’re on the fence…uncommitted.

How do we fight this battle?

where-does-my-strength-come-fromOn our knees.

All truth comes from God.  All strength comes from God.  All wisdom comes from God.

When we plug into his truth and strength, we are fighting for the right side.

And Satan hates it.  He will do anything in his power to get us to loosen our grip on God.

Because that’s how the battle is won – in our hearts.

Our lives here on earth are extremely short.  I have been strongly reminded of that every day since May 19.  God had Davey’s heart – it was already in heaven.  Now his soul is there, too.  Regardless of what happened here on earth, Davey won.

Each of us must make our own choice.

My heart is 100% with God.

Where is your’s?

I Hate Sirens

The sound of sirens makes my stomach churn.

It means members of my Blue Family are rushing to take care of business.  They are putting themselves at risk – not knowing what they are walking into.

Sirens are a signal that all is not well in my world.

Sirens in the middle of the night are the worst.  When its pitch black and the darkness is heaviest, people with darkness in their souls like to crawl out to do their evil deeds.

And so I pray.

I pray for my brothers and sisters in Blue.  I ask my Father God for wisdom for them.  I ask for courage.  I ask for protection.  And I ask that justice will be served so some of the darkness in my community will be taken away.

Sometimes these sirens are firefighters speeding through the streets with their sirens and lights.  Often, these first responders are partnering with our Blue family in order to bring order to chaos and help people who are hurt.  I know some excellent firefighters – and I pray for them, too, as the sirens wail across the night.

All the while, my stomach churns.  And I pray.

You, my dear brothers and sisters in Blue, are a very unusual breed of people.   You race through the night, in a hurry to take care of the crimes being committed by hateful people.

You run toward the gunfire.

You step into the middle of messes.  You move forward into the danger and are a human shield for others – even when they don’t like you or respect you.  You deal with the drugged lyers and cheaters of our world every day, all day.

Meanwhile, the sirens scream through the night and my stomach churns.  And I pray, trying to push away the fear.

The fear of what could be happening.

Fear for your wives and husbands.

Fear for your children and your babies.

Fear for your fathers and your mothers.

Fear for your families and friends.

Because I know the danger that accompanies those sirens.

I know what can happen.

The phone call.

The trip to the hospital.

The doctor’s unbelievable words.

And the nightmare.

So I pray.



Feel the Fire

Stand tall, my brothers and sisters in Blue!

final-finalgods-thumbprintThe thumbprint of God is on you!

In the beginning, God created mankind.

In his image.

Now, millenniums later, he is still molding each one of us into unique human beings.

And each one of us reflects attributes of God in a different way.

You, my dear brothers and sisters in Blue, have the imprint of God’s justice stamped on your heart.

God created justice.

It’s his voice you are hearing in your mind when you are deciding between right and wrong.  You may have been calling this your conscience…, who created your conscience?  That’s his voice you’re hearing.

You feel the passion he placed inside of you as you work hard to replace what’s wrong with the world with what’s right.

You feel the fire that God created inside of you – the need to ‘take care’ of the bad guys in order to protect the innocent.

God speaks loud and long against the wicked all through his Word.

He curses the house of the wicked.

He punishes them.  He does not rescue them.

He does not tolerate the wicked and those who love violence.

Alright, my brothers and sisters in Blue – does any of that sound like you?

His thumbprint is all over you!

The wicked in our world no longer hear God through their conscience because they have filled their minds with the lies of our culture.  The lies of our media.  The lies they tell themselves in order to rationalize their behavior and blame others.

Seeing you on the street reminds them that there is justice in the world.  There is a right.  And there is a wrong.

They are reminded that they are wrong.

And they don’t like being reminded.

Some of them resort to violence.  It’s their language.

We lose some battles.  My broken heart reminds me of that constantly.

But we will not lose the war.  God has already claimed victory.


May 19, 2016

When the worst happened.

Someone I loved deeply and planned to have in my life for a very long time went to work…..

and never returned.

It is my worst nightmare.

My son, Dave Glasser, was a Phoenix Police officer for 12 years.  So I know about the small cloud of anxiety that hangs over Police Officers and their families every day.


and praying..

that today is not the day they don’t come back.


That is not my story.

Now I’m picking up the pieces of my life and figuring out how they fit together around this very large hole in my heart.  I know God has a plan and a purpose for what happened.  And one part of that plan is for me to share some of this journey with you.

So I begin here –  with My Family Bleeds Blue.

Because my family actually does bleed blue.  The courage and love and honor that embodies a great Police Officer runs through of the veins of my ‘family’ members.  Others of us in the ‘family’ have hearts of blue because we love and encourage and pray for our members who wear the uniform.

If either of these describe you, welcome to my Blue Family!

It’s not an easy family to be a part of.

The worst can happen.