He’s Out There…

I feel him.

I see him.

I know you feel him and see him, my Blue Family.

All day long.

The Prince of Darkness.  The Father of Lies.

He thinks he’s winning right now.  The anger.  The hatred. The violence.

satans-goalsAll his creation, his idea.

He doesn’t like the fact that you’re reading this.

If you didn’t know about him or haven’t thought about it, this might open your eyes to what’s really going on.  We are no threat to him when we’re clueless about the source of all evil.

Who’s behind it all.

He is creating the chaos and the pain.

He’s smiling right now – he loves it.

He’s very smart.  He uses people to do his dirty work so it looks like people are the problem.

Yes, the fact that they are listening to him and letting him use them is a problem.

But let’s not get distracted by the people, the faces.  He wants to confuse us so we’re not dealing with the truth.

There’s a battle going on but it’s not the one in the media and on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a battle for our souls.

We’re not talking about the war – God has already proclaimed victory.

But this battle for who will believe and be redeemed is not yet done.

Whose side are you on? 

Satan or God’s?

You have to choose one or the other.

Good or Evil.

Right or Wrong.

Heaven or hell.

It’s black or white.

The Evil One loves it when we get lost in the gray.  He smiles when we’re on the fence…uncommitted.

How do we fight this battle?

where-does-my-strength-come-fromOn our knees.

All truth comes from God.  All strength comes from God.  All wisdom comes from God.

When we plug into his truth and strength, we are fighting for the right side.

And Satan hates it.  He will do anything in his power to get us to loosen our grip on God.

Because that’s how the battle is won – in our hearts.

Our lives here on earth are extremely short.  I have been strongly reminded of that every day since May 19.  God had Davey’s heart – it was already in heaven.  Now his soul is there, too.  Regardless of what happened here on earth, Davey won.

Each of us must make our own choice.

My heart is 100% with God.

Where is your’s?

3 responses to “He’s Out There…”

  1. Your blogs draw me closer to our Savior. God bless you and I will share your story to others who have lost someone, regardless of the reason.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Judy. Love you💙💙


  2. WOW!


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