It’s Really May 18th

It’s really May 18, 2016

My Family Bleeds Blue

May 18 – the real date of when my son, Dave, left this earth.

You would know that as well if you had seen him.

His body was hooked up to all kinds of machines that were keeping his lungs moving and his heart beating.

But Davey – the fun, smart, wonderful son, husband, dad, brother and friend  – was already gone.

He was already with his Father God.

I am thankful to modern medicine which gave us time to start coming to terms to our new reality.  We had several hours to figure out how to start to say good-bye.  It helped.

I am thankful that the machines were able to keep his organs alive so that he could give the gift of life to so many other people.  Our families have been blessed by other organ donors so we know what an important thing this is.  Knowing that helped.

I am thankful for the…

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Raise a Toast

Davey was always figuring out how to get a bunch of his friends together and have a good time.  He loved people – all kinds of people.  He was the type of guy that would start talking to people while he’s waiting in line behind them, and, by the time his turn came up, they would all be following each other on Twitter.  He was always aware of other people who didn’t seem to have friends and he would invite them to join his group.

David Glasser, my son was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.  His death had a big impact on our city because his life had a big impact on our city.  People from all over the city had met him and knew him.  Many of those were police officers and there were also large groups of people who knew him because he was a massive fan of the Cardinals and all ASU sports.  There were other sports fans who got to know him on Twitter and then became his friend.  He was born and raised in Phoenix so he had old friends all over the valley that he kept in touch with.

I love to tell stories that give you an insight into his unique personality and personal style.  As you can imagine, Davey liked to have people over and have a good time.  So he needed a beer frig, right?  He always said beer was supposed to be kept cold – you shouldn’t have it sitting in your pantry or garage.  It just didn’t taste right unless it went from the store refrigerator to your refrigerator.

I kept hearing about his beer frig when I would visit Davey and Kristen after they were married.  I assumed it was an extra refrigerator stashed somewhere – I don’t usually drink beer so I never used it.

They built a house in Goodyear and I still heard about this beer frig.  I never really looked for it until one hot summer day when we were visiting Davey and Kristen, I decided I wanted a beer.  And Davey said they were all in the beer frig.  So I went out to the garage to look for this beer frig.  I had never seen it but I had never actually looked for it.

There was no beer frig in the garage.  So I came back in and asked where the beer frig was and my husband told me it was in one of the extra bedrooms.  I had not had any reason to go in there so I had never seen it.  I thought it was a little strange to have a refrigerator in a bedroom but, they had two extra bedrooms at that time so it made some sense.

I checked out both extra rooms and I didn’t see any refrigerator.  Now I’m wondering if they had been playing a joke on me all of these years, just waiting for me to take the bait. (This was just like Davey)  Maybe the ‘beer frig’ was actually the back shelf of their refrigerator or something.

I’m getting a little perturbed at this point – getting a beer shouldn’t be this hard.  So I walked out and said, “Where exactly is this beer frig?”  My husband walked me back to one of the bedrooms and pointed to a brown box on the floor next to a pile of other stuff.  He opened the door of the tiny brown refrigerator and grabbed a beer for me.

I couldn’t stop laughing!

Davey had saved his teeny refrigerator from college days and that was the famous beer frig I had been hearing about for so many years!

Davey loved a good deal.  He was always using coupons and discounts and figuring out how to save a buck.  He used a coupon at the restaurant he and his date went to for Senior Prom.  He would buy Fry’s gift cards and then use them for his own groceries so that he’d get the double points for gas.  He had a coupon on every trip he made to Home Depot.

We now have Davey’s beer frig in our garage.  It’s still working and Davey would smile if he saw how it is stuffed full of beer and in need of being defrosted – just like the old days. That small brown box brings back many good memories of an amazing young man who loved people – and who made good use of his tiny college refrigerator.

So, remember to raise a toast the next time you pop open a brew in memory of a great man, a loving son, a dedicated police officer and an awesome friend!

Miss you, Davey.


I See You

It counts.

It’s awesome to be able to see each day that people care.

I live on the edge of town so I am often driving pretty long distances on the streets and freeways of Metropolitan Phoenix.  The freeway can seem like a pretty lonely place as I only catch quick glimpses of people as we pass by each other.

It can also feel like a dangerous place as cars zoom past and weave around over all the lanes.  I’m always on the defense, trying not to get run into, trying not to become a ‘statistic’ on the freeway.

This city seems like an even more dangerous place to me since my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.   Too many guns.  Too much drugs.  Too many angry and confused people.

The violence happened so fast.  It could happen anywhere.  It is happening somewhere in the city – all the time.

I can’t let that stop me from living my life to the fullest so I have to figure out ways to focus on the positives.  And I have begun to watch for Fallen Officer Plates on cars.  Arizona has Fallen Officer Car License plates that anyone can get.  The plate has a small annual fee which goes to Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).  This organization provides support for survivors of Line of Duty deaths.  They care for people like me and my family and they have been very helpful.  Many of the people who work and volunteer there are survivors themselves.

So they know.

Several years before Davey’s death, he was adamant that we all get Fallen Officer’s plates.  He and Kristen went to every local fallen officer’s funeral and he wanted to help make sure the officers were remembered and the survivors taken care of.  A big smile came onto his face and he pointed it out when he saw the plates start appearing on our cars.  Other states also have special plates – it’s not limited to Arizona.  My daughter lives in Colorado and she has a Fallen Hero plate.

So, when I’m on the freeways and streets of Phoenix, I’m watching for car license plates.  I like the new first responder plates with the thin blue line and the red line but I am partial to the Fallen Officer plates for obvious reasons.  When I see one, I always wonder if the person driving lost an officer or knew a fallen officer.  I realize many of them are probably like us before Davey’s death – supporting all fallen officers’ families.

Some of the licenses are personalized and I have been known to look up a name or date or badge number if it doesn’t look familiar to me.  My plate is personalized – reminding all of us of Davey’s legacy of ‘love you’.  I have seen people behind me take pictures of my plate.  I have seen passengers in cars looking like they are doing what I do – Googling 8144 to see whose badge number it is.  There are several personalized plates around the valley with Davey’s name, badge number and “Love you” on them.  When you see one, please remember how much Davey loved this city and he was willing to risk it all to make it a safer place for us to live.

It feels like my Blue family is out on the road next to me when I see a Fallen Officer plate.  These people recognize that officers have sacrificed everything to help keep evil off of our streets. They remember that our freedom is not free. These people are trying to cut through the anonymity of the city to show that they care.

I see you.

And it helps.

Miss you, Davey.



Just One More Time

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.  And there are days I just don’t want to.

I don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Davey is gone.

I don’t want to try to find the strength to move forward.

I don’t want to face the issues that I will have to face as I will spend the rest of my life here on earth without him.

I don’t want to think about the reality that so many other Blue families and friends go through this same nightmare.  Too many.

I don’t want to visit his spot in the cemetery – I want to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I want to hear his laugh.

I want to see him pick up Eden and throw her in the air.

I want to see him playing basketball in his backyard with Micah and hear him coaching his 5 year-old son on how to improve his shot.

I want to see him playing Cornhole and Washers with his sister and her husband in his big backyard every time they came to visit.

I want to see him in the car with Micah picking up his dad so all the guys could go to Home Depot – they went there ALOT.

I want to see him on his riding lawn mover with his hat and his headphones on, rocking out to tunes while he cuts the grass of the lawn he loves so much.

I want to see him sitting on my couch with our minnie-pin dog stretched over his chest, her head up by his so she can lay there and lick his neck.  She had a big crush on Davey.

I want to hear him talking about which Cardinals away game he and the guys are planning to go to this year.

I want to see him wearing the crazy Cardinals hat I bought him as he tailgates before the game today.  This is his favorite day of the year.

I want to say “Happy Man Christmas’ to him one more time.  Just one more time.  And then see his eyes light up and a huge smile spread across his face.  Just one more time.

My heart yearns to go back to a time when all these things were possible…….. but my brain knows that’s not going to happen.

Miss you so much, Davey.


No Surrender

Evil surrounds us.

It is walking our streets.

It is driving down our highways.

It is stalking our teenage daughters.

It is manufacturing drugs in houses right next to the parks where our children and their friends are playing.

It is selling drugs inside of our schools.

Evil is invading the hearts and minds of the weak, causing them to randomly kill people in the streets with their knives and guns.

Evil is pointing and shooting guns at our Police Officers.

And our Thin Blue Line shoots back.

Yes, we shoot back because we will not surrender our streets, our teenage daughters, our playgrounds or our schools to evil.

Uninformed tongues of people sitting in offices may wag.  But there will be no white flag flown while evil still prowls the streets of our neighborhoods, our cities and our country.  Our Thin Blue Line is making sure of that.

Since the beginning of time – going back to the Garden of Eden – good and evil have been in a battle.  God versus Satan.  We know God wins the war but, right now, we’re in the mess of the battle.  We are in the middle of the pain and confusion and violence.

There are many people who just don’t understand.  Evil needs to be pushed back every hour of every day – it can not be ‘tolerated’.  Evil needs to be searched out and eliminated one black spot at a time.  It’s us or them.

And it’s not going to be us.  We’re not surrendering.

Evil will not stop by itself.   It grows and takes over more ground unless it is met with enough force to push it back.  Our Military is that force outside of the US boundaries and our Law Enforcement officers are that force inside of our boundaries.

There are laws to protect the innocent and those laws need to be enforced – constantly.  You and I might not like getting a speeding ticket but we celebrate when murderers are taken off the streets.  In each situation, we can appreciate the fact that the law of the land is being enforced, making our neighborhoods safer places to live.  Our Thin Blue Line stands between the evil and the innocent and they are not surrendering that line.


Thank you to each one of you who battles evil for the rest of us.  Thank you to all of you who support our military and our law enforcement officers as they go to battle each day.

Thank you for never surrendering.