No Surrender

Evil surrounds us.

It is walking our streets.

It is driving down our highways.

It is stalking our teenage daughters.

It is manufacturing drugs in houses right next to the parks where our children and their friends are playing.

It is selling drugs inside of our schools.

Evil is invading the hearts and minds of the weak, causing them to randomly kill people in the streets with their knives and guns.

Evil is pointing and shooting guns at our Police Officers.

And our Thin Blue Line shoots back.

Yes, we shoot back because we will not surrender our streets, our teenage daughters, our playgrounds or our schools to evil.

Uninformed tongues of people sitting in offices may wag.  But there will be no white flag flown while evil still prowls the streets of our neighborhoods, our cities and our country.  Our Thin Blue Line is making sure of that.

Since the beginning of time – going back to the Garden of Eden – good and evil have been in a battle.  God versus Satan.  We know God wins the war but, right now, we’re in the mess of the battle.  We are in the middle of the pain and confusion and violence.

There are many people who just don’t understand.  Evil needs to be pushed back every hour of every day – it can not be ‘tolerated’.  Evil needs to be searched out and eliminated one black spot at a time.  It’s us or them.

And it’s not going to be us.  We’re not surrendering.

Evil will not stop by itself.   It grows and takes over more ground unless it is met with enough force to push it back.  Our Military is that force outside of the US boundaries and our Law Enforcement officers are that force inside of our boundaries.

There are laws to protect the innocent and those laws need to be enforced – constantly.  You and I might not like getting a speeding ticket but we celebrate when murderers are taken off the streets.  In each situation, we can appreciate the fact that the law of the land is being enforced, making our neighborhoods safer places to live.  Our Thin Blue Line stands between the evil and the innocent and they are not surrendering that line.


Thank you to each one of you who battles evil for the rest of us.  Thank you to all of you who support our military and our law enforcement officers as they go to battle each day.

Thank you for never surrendering.


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