not tomorrow.

Looking back, before my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer was killed in the in line of duty, one of the things I’m very grateful for is the fact that we didn’t put things off until tomorrow.  We were – and still are – people who don’t wait until next year, or the next year or the next year to do fun things together.

We went.  We saw.  We did.  We had a great time.  And we have the awesome memories to prove it.

No regrets.

We discovered that there is never a perfect time – we just had to plan it and do it and it all worked out.  What sounded crazy at first – “Let’s all go to Italy next summer” – becomes possible with a good plan and the willingness to just go for it.  I have travelled a lot so I was ready but I remember asking my husband if he was ready for an adventure when I was planning the Italy trip.  He said he was so,  after an 8-day unaccompanied tour of Venice, Florence and Rome we took off across Italy totally on our own.  It was a 5 hour train ride each way, 3 different trains, way down to the heel of Italy where very few Americans go for a week on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

What an awesome trip that was!

When the kids were young, we traveled to the Grand Canyon (obviously), Hawaii, Florida, the Poconos, New York City,  and various other places on the east coast.  We always went to baseball games where ever we travelled so we have visited a lot of stadiums. We also camped often – all over Arizona with a lot of different people.  Good times!  Since Davey married Kristen when they were young, she was part of our family for college graduation trips to London, Spain and Italy.  My husband and I cruised to Alaska with Davey and Kristen before they had kids.

Davey continued to love to travel – to go and do – as an adult.  He and Kristen took many trips together and then with Micah.  Davey loved his ‘guy’ trips to Vegas and Cardinals games.  He continued the tradition of going to a baseball or football game where ever he went – eventually visiting most of the stadiums in the United States.

I can’t tell you how glad we are that we didn’t wait.  We didn’t put off having fun together.  We didn’t talk about what we were going to do together someday – we made a plan and did it.  It wasn’t all about the big trips, either.  We had a great time camping as well.

No regrets.

Davey saw and did a lot in his 34 short years and we shared a huge amount of those adventures with him.

My advice to you – if you’ve been putting off having some fun and making great new memories with people you love, today is the day to stop thinking about it and actually do it.  Make a plan, make reservations, put a date to it.

You’ll be glad you did.

We are.

Miss you, Davey.

5 responses to “Today….”

  1. Thank you for sharing Judy. Your blog is so beautifully written and such an honor to your son. This is indeed a painful journey but your perspective helps shed some light……….I look forward to meeting you.


    1. Thank you for your encouragement.💙💙💙


  2. Reblogged this on My Family Bleeds Blue and commented:

    I wrote this about a year ago. I’m so very glad we didn’t delay having fun together. No regrets.


  3. Fantastic advice Judy. I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet your son many years ago when he was still a teenager. And I agree; don’t wait till tomorrow. Do the things you want to do. You will not regret it. Love you.


    1. Thank you, Cindy! Love you!💙💙


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