The answer is yes.

When I am asked if other law enforcement officers being killed in the line of duty brings it all back, the answer is always yes.  It brings back the horrible shock and loss of May 18, 2016 when my son, David Glasser, a Phoenix Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty.

The recent line of duty death of State Trooper Tyler Edenhofer has been hard.  He was so young with so much ahead of him.  Such a tragedy.  He was killed very close to my old neighborhood here in Phoenix but, truthfully, all of our neighborhoods are at risk.  We need our Thin Blue Line.

I can’t stop thinking and praying for Trooper Edenhofer’s family and friends.  My broken heart hurts for the pain they are experiencing and the struggles yet to come.  I know they are waking up each morning hoping it was all just an extremely bad nightmare…….

and then letting the tears flow as they realize it wasn’t.  Their world has shattered…..

and it will never be the same.

I have these feelings every time I hear of another officer being killed.  Every time.

Too many people don’t understand that each death of a Law Enforcement Officer is a tragedy for all of us.  These are the good guys and they are getting gunned down in the streets.  These are the courageous people who are standing in a thin blue line between all of us and evil.  They are standing between you and the bad guys in your neighborhood, in your city.  They put themselves in harm’s way each day for us.

When good guys lose, we all lose.

And we have all lost another hero.  A man who was dedicated to making a positive difference in our community.  A man willing to stand up against what is wrong and help make it right.

Those of us left behind will remember and honor Trooper Edenhofer for his bravery and sacrifice.  Facebook is full of posts letting us know how each of us can personally show our support for him and his family, for the officers who were injured in the same confrontation and for the Law Enforcement Officers who are still working hard each day to fight evil on our behalf.

Let’s all pick a way to show our appreciation and do it.

We need our Thin Blue Line.

Miss you, Davey.


My Only Fear

It used to be that my only fear was that something bad would happen to one of my children.

And then the worst happened on May 18, 2016 when my son, David Glasser, a Phoenix Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty.

When I was younger, I had a lot of fears – my parents dying, something bad happening to me, and more.  As I grew older, all of those things happened to me.  As God walked me through each experience, I found I wasn’t scared of it any longer.

I was left with just that one fear – something bad happening to one of my children.

Then my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

But it was early and it was thyroid cancer which is usually contained.  Surgery was successful and I thought my worst fear had been faced.  I was good.  Nothing else was going to happen to my children.

I was obviously very wrong.

Being afraid of it didn’t keep it from happening.  I have found fear to be a waste of energy and time.  Nothing good is going to come from it.  Fear messes up our minds as it messes up our attitudes.  I believe fear comes directly from Satan – he loves to keep us down, keep us worried, scared of our own shadows.

Fear is not going to keep bad things from happening.

If you read my blogs regularly, you have heard this from me before – the question is not ‘if’ something bad is going to happen to you, it’s ‘when’.

I have realized that my thinking one bad experience for my children was going to keep them from another bad experience was wrong.  There will be more – for them, for me and for other people I love.

So I must prepare for tough things to happen without being scared of them.  How do I do that?

As you can imagine, I’ve read a lot of different ideas about this through these last 2 years.  I found that the most helpful words of advice came from God through his Word.  Asking for wisdom in my reaction to the tough stuff has worked.  Wisdom such as making sure my response to the negative is positive and helpful to me and to others has worked.  Building my perseverance through growing my relationship with God has worked.  Finding purpose in the pain has worked.  You’ll find all of this advice in James 1.

So I am no longer scared.  I am prepared.

Because fear does not keep bad things from happening.

Miss you, Davey.



Barking Spiders

I recently had the opportunity to be riding in the car with two of my grandchildren, Davey’s son and daughter, several times over the course of a couple of days.  I’m blessed anytime I’m with them but I was especially delighted to realized on this trip how often they talked about their dad.  Just about every time we got in the car, something about their dad would come up with no prompting from their mother or me.

How cool!

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.  He left behind a wife, his two year-old daughter and a 5 year-old son.

His kids, Micah and Eden, are now two years older and talk about him a lot.

Right after Davey was killed, I found it very difficult to say anything about him.  The emotions were high and the pain was overwhelming.  It was much easier to be quiet than it was to open up the topic of Davey.

But it didn’t take me too long to realize that his children needed to talk about him.  They wanted to hear the stories and they wanted to remember the jokes.  Now I bring up different things about him as often as I can around them so they can continue to learn more about their awesome dad.

It brings joy to my heart when Eden looks up with a sneaky smile and says, ‘barking spiders’.  If you knew Davey, you probably know about ‘barking spiders’.

I have also realized that my Blue Family likes talking about Davey.  We had such good times with him and so many great memories that bring a smile to our faces.  Sharing our stories brings back the good feelings of being with him and having fun.   Now we realize how he drew us together and he taught us how to love each other better.

Talking about Davey and remembering together also helps the Police Officers in our blue family know that their sacrifices and committment count.  The battle they wage against the evil on the streets counts.  The extra effort they make to give our families a safe place to live counts.  The rest of us appreciate it and honor their courage.  It will be remembered.

They will be remembered.

Just as we remember Davey.

And his barking spiders.

Miss you, Davey.



This Feels Right

Have you heard about the Love You Cruise 2018?  At the beginning of June, a bunch of us flew to Puerto Rico and then cruised to the Southern Caribbean.

Just a couple of months before he was killed in the line of duty, my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer went on a Caribbean cruise with his wife, several of his squad members and their wives.  They had an awesome time!  And they have memories of sunny, fun days spent with Davey which can never be repeated.  I’m so glad they went for it!   They didn’t know at the time that it would be the last cruise Davey would ever take.

But Davey was a planner so he had already started to talk about the next cruise he wanted everyone to take with him.  That’s the cruise a bunch of our Blue Family and friends went on just last month.

And I’m learning, for me, the best way to honor and remember Davey is by having a good time celebrating who he was and what his life was about.  The solemn and official memorial ceremonies have their place and serve a great purpose but, for me, having fun together and loving each other is my favorite way of remembering Davey.

And I’m sure he would agree.  He left us a legacy of love – that was what was important to him.

Going on a cruise together gave us a lot of opportunities to share the fun and share the love.  We are talking about a Love You Cruise 2020 – hopefully some more of you will come!  We didn’t talk about Davey a lot, but he was there.  His picture was on our cabin doors, his smile joined our’s for every group picture and his glass was raised with our’s every time we toasted.  If there are shots in heaven, I’m sure he had his share of Buffalo Trace.

One of the best times of our cruise day was gathering for dinner each night at our big table in the dining room with our Love You Cruise Family.  We got used to spending some time reviewing our days with each other and recounting the laughs.  We compared sunburns and tried to figure out how many local beers we drank at the beach that day.  We helped each other decide which two entrees to order and how many desserts we were going to get.  There was no contest for me – I had one favorite dessert and our waiter started making sure they had one for me even when it wasn’t on the menu.  Chocolate, of course.

We celebrated Davey’s life together, honoring the fact that he taught us to be better at showing our love and telling each other ‘Love You’.

But then the cruise ended and everyone flew home with great and meaningful memories of a fun time.

We’ve really missed our Love You Cruise Family dinners since then so we’re having one tonight.  I”ll post some pictures.  We won’t be on a cruise ship but that’s not the important part.  The people are the important part, right?  And the love is the important part.  And the honoring and remembering is the important part.

Love you, Davey!  Thank you for how your life and love have blessed those of us who have been left behind.

We’re Not Safe

I’ll admit it – I have trouble praying to God for safety.

I have prayed regularly for the safety of my children since the day they were born.  I doubled my prayers for safety when my son, David Glasser, became a Phoenix Police Officer.

Then, on May 18, 2016, Davey was killed in the line of duty.

God did not keep him safe.

What was the purpose of all of those prayers?

I am totally convinced that God is good.

I know that he loves me and has the best plans for me.

I realize that God’s perspective is completely different from mine and he is always right.

My head knows that God listens to my prayers and responds.  He often changes my attitude while I am praying.  He gives me insights and answers.  He gives me comfort and peace.

My head knows that this world is not a safe place.  I am not safe here.  You are not safe here.  Davey was not safe here.

My head understands that God protected Davey here on earth for 34 1/2 years.  I will never know all of the illnesses, incidents and accidents where God kept Davey safe during his years on earth.  I had heard about several very close calls where God protected him.

My head knows that now God has taken Davey home where he is truly safe.  It could be said that God answered my prayers.

But my heart doesn’t like that answer.

So I continue to struggle with asking God for safety.