This Feels Right

Have you heard about the Love You Cruise 2018?  At the beginning of June, a bunch of us flew to Puerto Rico and then cruised to the Southern Caribbean.

Just a couple of months before he was killed in the line of duty, my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer went on a Caribbean cruise with his wife, several of his squad members and their wives.  They had an awesome time!  And they have memories of sunny, fun days spent with Davey which can never be repeated.  I’m so glad they went for it!   They didn’t know at the time that it would be the last cruise Davey would ever take.

But Davey was a planner so he had already started to talk about the next cruise he wanted everyone to take with him.  That’s the cruise a bunch of our Blue Family and friends went on just last month.

And I’m learning, for me, the best way to honor and remember Davey is by having a good time celebrating who he was and what his life was about.  The solemn and official memorial ceremonies have their place and serve a great purpose but, for me, having fun together and loving each other is my favorite way of remembering Davey.

And I’m sure he would agree.  He left us a legacy of love – that was what was important to him.

Going on a cruise together gave us a lot of opportunities to share the fun and share the love.  We are talking about a Love You Cruise 2020 – hopefully some more of you will come!  We didn’t talk about Davey a lot, but he was there.  His picture was on our cabin doors, his smile joined our’s for every group picture and his glass was raised with our’s every time we toasted.  If there are shots in heaven, I’m sure he had his share of Buffalo Trace.

One of the best times of our cruise day was gathering for dinner each night at our big table in the dining room with our Love You Cruise Family.  We got used to spending some time reviewing our days with each other and recounting the laughs.  We compared sunburns and tried to figure out how many local beers we drank at the beach that day.  We helped each other decide which two entrees to order and how many desserts we were going to get.  There was no contest for me – I had one favorite dessert and our waiter started making sure they had one for me even when it wasn’t on the menu.  Chocolate, of course.

We celebrated Davey’s life together, honoring the fact that he taught us to be better at showing our love and telling each other ‘Love You’.

But then the cruise ended and everyone flew home with great and meaningful memories of a fun time.

We’ve really missed our Love You Cruise Family dinners since then so we’re having one tonight.  I”ll post some pictures.  We won’t be on a cruise ship but that’s not the important part.  The people are the important part, right?  And the love is the important part.  And the honoring and remembering is the important part.

Love you, Davey!  Thank you for how your life and love have blessed those of us who have been left behind.

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