We’re Not Safe

I’ll admit it – I have trouble praying to God for safety.

I have prayed regularly for the safety of my children since the day they were born.  I doubled my prayers for safety when my son, David Glasser, became a Phoenix Police Officer.

Then, on May 18, 2016, Davey was killed in the line of duty.

God did not keep him safe.

What was the purpose of all of those prayers?

I am totally convinced that God is good.

I know that he loves me and has the best plans for me.

I realize that God’s perspective is completely different from mine and he is always right.

My head knows that God listens to my prayers and responds.  He often changes my attitude while I am praying.  He gives me insights and answers.  He gives me comfort and peace.

My head knows that this world is not a safe place.  I am not safe here.  You are not safe here.  Davey was not safe here.

My head understands that God protected Davey here on earth for 34 1/2 years.  I will never know all of the illnesses, incidents and accidents where God kept Davey safe during his years on earth.  I had heard about several very close calls where God protected him.

My head knows that now God has taken Davey home where he is truly safe.  It could be said that God answered my prayers.

But my heart doesn’t like that answer.

So I continue to struggle with asking God for safety.



2 responses to “We’re Not Safe”

  1. Its so confusing, Judy. You’re told to believe and trust that God does what is best for us all, but how do we rationalize something like our child’s murder? It seems like such a contradiction. Hopefully, you’ll get a clearer answer in the future. Love you!💙


    1. It’s very hard. For me it all comes down to trusting God- especially the things I don’t understand. I probably won’t understand this one until I get home myself.💙💙


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