Live It Large!

I am not promised tomorrow.  I might not be here.

People I care about may not be here.  Last year etched this fact in my brain and in my heart.  I hope it’s etched in your brain and heart, too.

I have to make today count.  The best of intentions are really pretty worthless – they are just a waste of time unless I’m going to act on them.

Davey has been described several times as being ‘larger than life’.  I love that!  It means he made the most of his time – loving people, planning fun times and following through on them.  He was also serious about his work and gave his full effort to being great at doing something he loved.  

Davey did more and loved more in 34 years than some people do in a lifetime.

That’s a great statement about Davey but a sad statement about how other people fail to really live their lives.

One a scale of 1 to 10, how are you doing on the ‘larger than life’ scale?

If you don’t like your rating, there is no time better than today to start changing it.

I am currently cruising to Aruba, the Panama Canal and a couple of other of my ‘bucket list’ locations.  I can’t help thinking back to last year when Davey and Kristen went on a Caribbean cruise with his squad.  A lot of people would have decided not to go because they would be leaving their 2 small children for a week.  Not Davey and Kristen.  They knew their time together and with friends was important and they also knew the kids were fine with Papa and Mimi. (that’s us).

My husband and I had an awesome week having fun with the ‘littles’.  It had been 30 years since our kids were that small so our energy level was a lot different but they went to bed early, so we made it!  We skyped with the ‘Cruisers’ every night and no one had a meltdown – even mom 🙂

None of us could possibly know how precious that week would become.  Sooooo glad they went!  So much fun!  So many unforgettable memories!

Such a great lesson about making each week count.  Let’s not put off the fun stuff and the great memory stuff – let’s do it today.  The person we want to do it with may not be here tomorrow.




2 responses to “Live It Large!”

  1. Cindy and Merlin Clark Avatar
    Cindy and Merlin Clark

    Incredible awesome message. I am glad they chose to go on that trip too. I hope that you and Dave also had a great trip the end of March. You certainly deserve to have some time for good memories.


    1. Thanks!💙💙💙


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