We Stand Apart….

But we stand together.

The Thin Blue Line stands between the innocent and the evil ones.  It stands between peace and violence.  It stands between right and wrong.

The Thin Blue Line stands for honor and respect.  It stands for order and discipline.  It stands for courage and personal sacrifice for the greater good.

There is a vocal group in our country who does not value honor, respect, order, discipline, courage and personal sacrifice.

But we do.

There is a reason why the Police Officer’s badge is in the shape of a shield and is placed over their heart.   Their responsibilities require a level of committment and courage that only comes from a big heart.  A caring heart.  A warrior’s heart.  It’s their most important weapon.

Yes, there are bad police officers.  But it is not wise to focus on the exception.  Get to know a good police officer and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Police officers are the truest guardians of freedom in our country.  We saw an exceptional example of this in Phoenix last week.  The officers patiently supported the people’s right of freedom. They also protected the people of the city from violence and injury by managing the crowds and dispersing them in an orderly and disciplined manner.  Thanks for an awesome job, Phoenix PD!

Some people don’t appreciate how hard it is to achieve this balance in an unknown and super-charged environment.

We do.

Our Blue Family includes the Thin Blue Line along with all of the rest of us who love and support our officers.

We believe in loyalty.

We believe in justice.

We believe in enforcing the law of the land, even when it’s not popular in some places.

And we never forget our fallen heroes who stood for justice over personal safety.

If that describes you, welcome to our Blue Family!

We stand apart,

but we stand together.




2 responses to “We Stand Apart….”

  1. Awesome as usual. This says it like it is. It is very patriotic and raises the bar. The Police are so special.

    Love them and Love you. Anne


    1. Thank you, Anne. Love you, too💙💙


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