He Was There

He was there when my son, David Glasser, a Phoenix Police Officer, went to work on May 18, 2016.

It felt like just another day.

He was there when Davey took his last call.

It seemed like just another call.

God was there when Davey stepped out of the police car and a bullet ripped off the back of his head.

This just can’t be happening.

He was there when responding bullets eliminated the evil that was standing on the driveway.

So no one else was hurt.

He was there while Davey’s squad members protected and cared for Davey as his blood spilled out onto the pavement.

The well-trained officers responded quickly even as their hearts were breaking.

God was there when the police and firemen revived Davey’s body and took him to the hospital.

They did everything they could…. and more.

He was there, right beside me, when I received that call telling me Davey had been shot.  He was beside each of us as we received that call. It’s a call we’ll never forget.

It haunts my dreams.

He was there beside each of us as we each made our way to the hospital through a sudden, dark fog.

 It can’t be true.

God heard my terrified cries followed by urgent prayers for a miracle as the news and the night unfolded.

He heard and he cared.

He provided family, friends, our Blue family, doctors, nurses, and a chaplain to help all of us hold together as we entered hell.

It felt like a journey into hell but I know hell is worse because God is not there.

God walked the corridors with us as we cried and prayed.  The halls of the hospital were lined with people crying and praying.  Several waiting rooms were packed full of people crying and praying.

He heard and he cared.

He wrapped his arms around us as the long night dragged on and Davey’s brainwaves gradually………disappeared.

This can’t be true.

The night finally ended and the sun rose once again.

I was still alive.

The rest of us were still alive.

Together, we were going to have to figure out how to go on without Davey.


It’s impossible to go on without Davey.

But what felt impossible on that day, God has made possible.  He has been there through everything, loving us and giving us strength.  He has heard every prayer and He has held us each time we have cried.

And He has given us a purpose for going on.

He was there.

And He is here – making the impossible possible.








4 responses to “He Was There”

  1. Beautiful Judy – this morning dawns as we knew it probably would. Today, a dad who is also a Phoenix Police Officer is sharing what may be one of the last days his five year old boy will spend in his home. While we hope and pray not, five-year-old Sammy’s brain cancer has relapsed and the word from his Physicians is that there is no cure. We have walked with this family through the last year of this battle and our hearts are breaking. But, as you have so wonderfully and lovingly put it, Judy – He is there. Kristen and Charles know God is in the midst of their battle. God knows EXQUISITELY what they are walking in as do you. I. Can’t. Even. And yet, your words today are a beautiful reminder that He is and He will be there. And I thank you. I thank my God every time I think of you. “Love you.”


    1. You are welcome. Such a hard, hard thing. This family is in my prayers. So much sadness on this earth- it reminds me daily that this is not my real home. My real home doesn’t have this pain. Love you💙💙💙💙


  2. If God is in us all, He is there thru the people who have stood beside and loved you/ all Davey’s family as they have mourned and suffered his loss. God has all of them say, ‘Love you’.


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