Real Freedom Fighters

They commit their lives to protecting our freedom every day.

They never stop working to take those who want to infringe on our right to live peacefully and safely off the streets.

These are our Law Enforcement Officers.  They are real freedom fighters in blue.

Just because our nation is ‘free’ doesn’t mean that we are free to do whatever we want.  There are laws and guidelines set up which we all need to follow to avoid restricting each other’s rights.  Without these laws, each of would be infringing on other people’s rights.  So the laws restrict us in order to free us to live comfortably and safely with each other in community.

Those of us who follow the laws are helping others live in peace and security.  Those who break the laws are creating dangerous and unsafe situations that infringe on other people’s rights.  My son, David Glasser, knew this and it was one of the major motivating factors for him choosing to become a Phoenix Police Officer.  He wanted to take the dangerous people off of the streets and put them behind bars.

Sure – some laws aren’t good.  Our country has a process in place to change bad laws.

Sure – some of the people making the laws aren’t good.  Our country has an election process so those people can be voted out.

Sure – some of the people enforcing the laws aren’t good.  There are so many checks and magnifying lens on them that the amount of people in this category is very small.  I know our Phoenix Law Enforcement Department is awesome and takes care of issues immediately.  If all of our law enforcement agencies received the support and resources they needed to do their job, they would be able to take care of issues even more quickly.  Right now, most of our law enforcement agencies are experiencing serious and unsafe deficits in support and resources.  Many city and state governments need to make significant changes so  our Freedom Fighters have what they need to protect and serve our communities.

For us to live freely, our Freedom fighters need our support – you and I.  We need to vote people into office who support Law Enforcement.  We need to take advantage of every opportunity we have to show respect and support for our Law Enforcement Officers.

I’m very proud of the people in the City of Phoenix – the regular people on the streets get it.  The city-wide support we received when Davey was killed in the line of duty last year was phenomenal.  I will never forget our ride from the church to the cemetery on the day of his funeral – hundreds of people with signs and salutes lined the streets.  Cars and people were lined up next to the freeway, on the freeway and over the freeway showing respect and support for a hero who died fighting for their freedom.  Unbelievable!

We have also received an awesome level of support from the Phoenix Metro Police Department.  From the moment Davey was shot until today, we have received a constant, amazing amount of love and help from our Blue Family.  Thank you!

We have also received great support as we have started the David Glasser Foundation.  Individuals and companies have been very generous with their time and resources.  These people are not out on the streets creating mayhem by demonstrating against anything.  They are using their hands and their hearts and their resources to make a positive difference in our city.

All of us have a role in making sure we have a safe and free city to live in.  First, we need to follow the laws ourselves and next, we need to support those who work hard every day to enforce the law and protect our rights.  Together, we can make our country a better place to live and to raise our children and grandchildren.

Thank you to all of our Freedom Fighters in Blue and to those who support them.

Love you!


4 responses to “Real Freedom Fighters”

  1. Love this! So many people don’t think about anything you’ve stated In this story. You have spoken for alot of us who respect, care and love what our Freedom Fighters do everyday! We need to take care of each other including LE and military. I often think to myself, “police officers don’t ever get to pick and choose calls” while sitting and eating lunch. Half the time they don’t even get a lunch, they are denied a lunch break because they are trying to help people and put their lives on the line for strangers and people they don’t even know. I often think of “The Golden Rule” which is ” Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (Mat 7). You hit it spot on Judy! I always enjoy reading your writings. You’re an inspiration to all Mom’s everywhere. 💙♥️-Rosanna


    1. Thank you, Rosanna! Love you!


  2. One more time I am truly impressed with the incredible way you express your feelings and share the thoughts that go through your mind. We as the people of the USA should be so thankful for the MEN IN BLUE who are here to protect us. Everyone needs to follow rules and be law abiding citizens. This is not asking too much. Hugs to you Judy.


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