Looking for Him

I have trouble going into a police station.

Because I find myself looking for him.

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty May 19, 2016.  And whenever I get around a group of people wearing police uniforms, I get distracted.  I start looking over the crowd for him.

He was 6’5″ so his head would pop out of any crowd.  He was very easy to find.

He used to be very easy to find.

Now I look but I can’t find him.

My head knows that Davey is with his Father God.   He is not at the police station.  He is not at the cemetery.  He’s not on this earth anymore.  My head knows that.

But my heart is still looking for him.  There’s a piece of my heart that he owns – he will always own this piece.  It’s his.

And when something in my life pokes this spot, tears run out.

But this piece is also full of love and great memories.  Its filled with laughter and good times.    Its full of pride for the little boy who was a good friend and had a ton of friends.  And that pride grew as Davey became a man who was a good friend and had a ton of friends.

This part of my heart is also filled with peace because Davey was a man of genuine faith who fulfilled his purpose here on earth before going home.

This piece of my heart is full of gratitude to my Father God for giving us 34 years with Davey.   They were years filled with family and fun and adventures.  We didn’t put off to tomorrow what we could do today – so happy about that.  His father and I were able to become especially close to Davey and his family his last 5 years on earth when we moved closer to them.  We didn’t know then how short our time was with him but we know it now and we are soooooo thankful for those precious years.

We moved recently so, on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we bought several dozen of the Thin Blue Line Donuts and brought them to the police precinct closest to our new home.  We introduced ourselves to police officers in our new precinct and, of course, they offered any help we may need.

As we talked, I realized that my eyes were starting to wander.

They were gazing over the heads of the police officers I was talking to.

They were looking for a head that always stuck out of every crowd.




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  1. My heart is with you Judy.


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