Be The Good

Losing my son, David Glasser, a Phoenix Police Officer, in a line of duty death was a tragedy.

Many people wonder if anything good can come from such evil.  I don’t wonder – God has actually brought several good things out of the loss of my son.  One of them is the gift of clarity for those of us who are left behind.

What’s important?  With all the choices I have with how to spend my time and money, what should I choose?

In my blog last week, I wrote about good choices.  Loving God and loving others – nothing is more important.  Believe me – this became crystal clear when my world exploded.

Bad choices also became crystal clear.   Some of the ways people choose to spend what is possibly their last day on earth are so worthless and petty.

  • picking on other people – what they say, how they dress, what they drive, where they work.
  • pushing their way in front of others – on the freeway, in the parking lot, in the grocery store line.
  • saying mean and ugly things about people on social media – unbelievable!

That’s enough.  You know it.  You could write the rest of the list for me.

None of this stuff matters.  None of it contributes to what is good in this world.  None of it helps – it only hurts.

I have trouble even writing about the bad stuff people do because then I’m focusing on it and there’s so much of it and my mind starts going down that road of disappointment and negativity.

So I turn my thoughts to what is right and good and worth it in our world.

I pray for all of us, Father God, that you would open our eyes to how important it is to spend the little time we have on this earth wisely.  I pray that you will make our hearts wide open to love you and love others.  Please shine your light into our lives.  Bring boatloads of love and kindness into our lives so we can share it with others.  Through you all things are possible.  Thank you, Father, for the gift of clarity.


2 responses to “Be The Good”

  1. Jacki Beaulieu Avatar
    Jacki Beaulieu

    Your words are a much needed blessing. Thankyou.


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