There It Is!

I recognized it the minute I saw it.

It was Dave’s grass!

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.  At that time, he owned a house on an acre lot which had a big front lawn and a humongous back lawn.  All grass.  And he LOVED that grass.  Taking great care of it was his hobby.  Riding around on his mower every single week during the summer was his ‘happy place’.

The rest of us always enjoyed going to a party at Davey’s house because there was so much beautiful grass to play on.  Football, whiffle ball, bocci ball, badminton – every kind of ball and game you can imagine – all going on at the time in Dave’s big back yard.  He put in a half court basketball area which was also a favorite spot to play.  Davey has his back to the camera in this picture of him making a one-handed shot.  You can see his beautiful yard in the background.

We have so many great memories of playing with Davey in his back yard.  He was always in the middle of everything, making sure people were having a good time.

Davey’s wife, Kristen, and his kids have moved from that house so we haven’t seen Dave’s grass for a while.

Until this past week.

The David Glasser Foundation had our first opportunity to use the football field at the David Glasser Athletic Complex in Laveen for an event.  And the minute I stepped onto that football field, I realized that God had moved Davey’s grass to this football field.  It was beautiful.  Thick.  Dark green.  It almost looked fake, it was so nice.

The sod actually came from the Fiesta Bowl Charities who donated it to the Laveen School district.  Thank you, Fiesta Bowl Charities!

But I can see the Master Orchestrator at work here, giving all of us the very special gift of Davey’s grass in a public place so we can continue to play on it and make great new memories.

That’s what we did this last week.  Partnering with the Arizona Cardinals, Laveen Youth Sports, and Raising Cane’s, the David Glasser Foundation helped sponsor a Cardinals Skills Camp for 100 kids.  Nineteen of Davey’s brothers and sisters in blue volunteered to help show the kids that they care and to encourage the kids to have fun and do their best.

Great new memories!  Added to our awesome old memories of playing on Davey’s grass.

It makes me smile….. as tears fill my eyes.

Miss you, Davey.


2 responses to “There It Is!”

  1. How wonderful to see something used and passed on to another place where it is the final destiny. Amazing how the plan worked and how beautiful that green grass is, right where it belongs!


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