What Changed?

After reading my blog last week, did this question pop into your head?  What changed?

Why did my memories of what my family went through since my son, David Glasser, was killed in the line of duty of May 18, 2016 change from painful to precious?

It’s obvious to me.

Love changed everything.  God’s love and the love of others changed the road where I was dumped on May 18th from a dark and endless struggle to a tough but valuable journey.

After many years on this earth, I discovered several new things about love after Davey’s death.  God’s love has never shone brighter to me than when I was thrown down into a deep, black pit of grief.  I had never before experienced the supernatural strength of God’s perfect love for me.   I know I will never fully understand it but I feel it – every day.

Davey’s last words to all of us were “Love you” and, when we started following his example, something special happened.  It’s hard to be angry when, where ever you go, people are telling you they love you.  It’s hard to be bitter when you are surrounded by people who are not only telling you but they are also showing they love you.  It’s hard to feel alone when people are constantly reaching out their loving arms to hug you and tell you they love you.

It took time, but love gradually changed everything.  My first clue that love was affecting my journey was when God asked me to start writing this blog 6 months after Davey died.  I realized then that I had a unique story to tell.   My eyes were opened farther when I went to Police Week in Washington, DC as a first year survivor in 2017 where many mothers shared how bitter and extremely angry they were.  I was not feeling any of that – God’s love and the love of others was already making a big difference in my life.

Davey knew that love was the central ingredient of a full and fun life – even in the middle of the struggles this world brings us.

He gave me this last gift that has made all the difference.

Love you, Davey.  Miss you.


4 responses to “What Changed?”

  1. Judy, your ability to share all of this so eloquently is truly a gift. I love that you share this. Thank you and love you both.


      1. Your blog has been something I always look forward to reading Judy. You bring Hope to those who face the most horrible events ever. Your faith in our heavenly Father is Devine. I love you Judy. I’m glad you are continuing to write this blog and sharing it with all of us. God bless you with many more precious memories. Love from Cindy Clark


      2. Love you, Cindy! You continue to be one my most important encouragers as I write this blog. And you understand that my motivation is to be obedient. And you know that God had me start this so he could bless people through it. So I will continue until God says stop. Even when it’s hard and even when it hurts, God also blesses my life through people like you. Love you💙💙


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