Taking Care of Us

One of my favorite things to do is share great memories of Davey with people who really knew him.  It feels good and I’m pretty amazed at what I hear sometimes.  I have learned some very precious things about him from other people.

David Glasser, my son, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty May 19, 2016.  In the past four years, a bunch of his squad members, friends and my husband and I have often spent some time at ‘Davey’s spot” in the Phoenix Memorial cemetery to remember him together on the anniversary of his death.  This year was different because Dave and I now live in Colorado and the virus prevented us from flying in.  Normally, we hope to be there with this crew.

It’s so awesome to get together and talk about Davey.  Everytime we share stories, I learn something new about Davey.  Two years ago, I learned something I never knew before about how much Davey cared for all of us.

A little background on this – Davey always took care of my husband and my cell phones.  He would tell us it was time to order new ones and then he would order them for us since we were all on the same plan.  When the new phones came in, he would transfer our data and then he would sell our old phones for the difference so we never paid anything for our new phones.  He would also make sure we kept the boxes and had good covers and cases for our new phones so that he could resell them for top dollar.  He was great at it and it was a big help to us.

These last 4 years, my husband and I have had to take care of our own phones.  It is such a hassle!! It takes us at least a week and several trips to Verizon to get everything worked out whenever we change phones.  Yuck!  We never realized before how great it was to have Davey take care of this for us. Now we know.

So, two years ago on May 19th, when we were sharing great memories of Davey at his spot in the cemetery, imagine my amazement when I discovered for the first time that he did all of this for a bunch of the people in his squad.  He ordered phones, transferred data and then sold phones so it didn’t cost anything for a whole group of people!

What a unique but important way to show how much he cared for us!  It’s like he had his own little new cell phone service going on and I never knew it.  He must have realized what a pain it was for many of us and he liked doing it so he did it for all of us.

That is so like him!  He loved us and cared for us in any way he could, not making a big deal out of it.

Davey leaves behind a legacy of saying “love you” and this is just one example of how he backed that up with action.

Miss you, Davey!


2 responses to “Taking Care of Us”

  1. Thank you for sharing🙏🏻 Beautiful memory of all the help Dave’s was to others. So sorry for your loss.


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