There Is So Much More To This Story

It’s the part we don’t hear splashed all over the national media.

I will never forget the day, almost 5 years ago, when I was sitting with a group of mothers whose sons were all Police Officers who had been killed in the line duty the year before.  I was there because my son, David Glasser, was one of them.  This was the C.O.P.S session for mothers during Police Week 2017 in Washington, DC.

Each mother told her story.

And it was excruciating to listen to all of their stories, especially because I shared this nightmare with them.

So much pain.

So much grief.

So much loss.

Too many stories about how evil won the battle.

But…through these stories….a big bold light of heroism shone through.

One son stepped in front of a gun in order to save the life of the innocent person behind him.  He literally took the bullet for a person he didn’t know.  He died.  The other person lived.

Another son drove his police car in front of a speeding vehicle to save the people in the car beside him. The police car took the hit, killing the policeman. But his act of heroism saved the lives of all of the innocent people in the car.

All of our sons were heroes, willingly risking and giving their lives to protect and serve people in our communities.

Have you heard these stories leading the way on all of our national media channels for several nights in a row going over the details again and again?


I haven’t either.

We hear about the small minority of bad cop situations repeated over and over but we don’t hear any of the details of the daily stories of bravery and heroism of our police officers.

What does that tell us?  It means that the news is not telling us what’s really going on.  Reading and listening to the news doesn’t mean we’re well-informed.  The media tell us what they want to tell us.  They emphasize what they want to emphasize.  The more sensational the news is – especially about cops – the more viewers they get.  And sadly, people believe this unbalanced, one-sided source.

I have to say that some of the local news channels – like Phoenix – really try to strike a balance and they do pretty well.  They get details wrong but they try to present a more well-rounded picture.

The national media doesn’t even try.   They’ve taken over for the tabloids with a bunch of sensationalized scandals with he-saids and she-saids.  The more controversial and skewed the better for them because it means more viewers.

The truth is – a huge amount of bravery and heroism shown by our Police Officers doesn’t ever make it on any news channel. 

There’s also another reason why we don’t hear a lot of these stories of heroism.

If you talk to a police officer, they will say it was ‘just part of my job’.

Just part of the job –

sacrificing themselves to save others.

There is so much more to this story.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you.

6 responses to “There Is So Much More To This Story”

  1. Julie D. Nemmers Avatar
    Julie D. Nemmers

    I just realized, reading your post today, that we were in DC at the same, first the same thing. Honoring our sons in Blue.
    Your post today is so true. The good guys in Blue, don’t get the headlines, nor would they want to be in the headlines. Big hugs from one mom to another.


    1. Thank you. There were a couple of Mom’s groups that day – were you in mine? I don’t remember names. I think there were 3 out of the 5 moms who lost their sons in Dallas on the same day in my group.


      1. Julie D. Nemmers Avatar
        Julie D. Nemmers

        I was not in that group. However, the officer that walked me into the nighttime memorial was the commander of the officers killed that day in Dallas. A wonderful man


      2. What a tragedy.
        Five officers in one day.


  2. Judy I truly hope you do have all our support as we have many friends that are retired police and heroic military who are not being given the respect they deserve by local communities, politicians, athletes for just playing a game., praying for all true heroes as without them we would not have our freedom.


    1. Amen. The true heroes💙💙💙


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