The War

There is a war going on in the streets of our cities. Your city streets. My city streets.

Our police officers are being ambushed and shot and injured and killed. I woke up to the shocking news on Friday morning that 5 Phoenix Police Officers had been shot!

5 officers shot! And 4 more injured. 9 officers! Unbelievable!

They were set up. They were targeted.

Just like my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer was targeted on May 18, 2016. The young man who murdered him had texted that he was going to kill a police officer that day. And he did. He killed my son.

The good news this week is that all 5 of the Phoenix officers who were shot will recover.

But there is a lot of bad news. The bad news is that recovery for these officers will include various levels of pain and struggle for them and their families. The bad news is that 9 of our warriors were taken off the streets on the same day.

The bad news is the mental anguish all of these families went through when they got that call. The bad news is the mental fallout all of our officers and their families deal with when their brothers and sisters in blue are injured.

The bad news is that the streets of Phoenix are less safe than they were last week. This is happening everywhere as officers are injured and killed and staffing of Police Departments across the country continues to dwindle.

I am praying that – somehow – God will wake up our city officials and city councils. The war is real. The crazies that will put a baby in the middle of a gun fight to get what they want will always be out there – creating chaos and mayhem. Our decision – makers need to understand and support the fact that it is the brave men and women in blue that make our streets safe.

Well, our streets used to be safe.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you.

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