Continuing What He Started

Davey cared.  He didn’t just say ‘Love you’, he showed it and lived it before he was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.

When Davey was 12 years-old he took a summer job as a junior counselor at a Boys and Girls Club in a high-risk area of Phoenix.  He wanted those kids to have a safe summer playing games and having lots of fun.

I will never forget – on his first day of being a counselor, one of the little kids vomited and Davey had to clean it up.  Yuck!  But it was an early lesson about how – when you care – you often find yourself in the middle of the yuck and mess of other’s lives and choices.

What a great lesson for a young man who would later choose to become part of the Thin Blue Line between the innocent and the evil.  He cared and he did something about it.  Everyday as a Police Officer, he stood for what is good and right in our world – pushing back the evil and often ending up in other people’s yuck.  He knew Police Officers weren’t perfect – he wasn’t perfect.  But they are willing to stand for what is safe and right.   They don’t just talk about it or throw some money at it – they are willing to put their lives on the line….because they care.

Davey wanted our community to be a safe place for families to live and kids to play. He requested to work in high-risk areas of the city because the need for people who care is greater there.  The Thin Blue Line has to be stronger there.  He often told me that his goal was to put the people in our city who chose to put other lives in danger behind bars so they couldn’t hurt people anymore.  He received several commendations for his extra efforts against the monsters who beat up on babies and small children.

And he paid the highest price possible for his dedication to caring for his city when he was killed in the line of duty 6 years ago.

Davey made a significant contribution to his city when he was alive and he has inspired those of us who are left behind to make a difference through the David Glasser Foundation.  We are continuing the work that Davey started. 

You have probably heard that Davey loved sports – all sports.  The disciplined activity of sports helped him grow into a strong and confident and capable adult.  So, in honor of Davey’s love for sports, the David Glasser Foundation is sponsoring youth sports teams throughout the valley. Volunteer police officers and other law enforcement personnel are coaches on these teams, giving the kids and their families an opportunity to have positive interactions with the officers while learning important life skills like respect, dependability, team work and much more.

If the young man who shot Davey had had positive interactions with police officers when he was younger, it’s possible that he would have made a different decision.

Davey’s life on earth has ended but his legacy of love is continuing to unfold.

Thank you for all of the support so many of you have shown for the David Glasser Foundation.  Together, we are continuing the battle.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you

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