A Very Long Season

I am in a very long season.

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.  My world turned upside down and then crumbled before it exploded.  You get the picture.  It caused an earthquake in my life that was 10.0 on the Richter scale and the after shocks just keep coming.  There has been a domino-effect in all areas of my life these last 6 years and the dominos just keep falling.

The fall-out hasn’t stopped.  And now I realize that it never will.  My life here on earth will always be missing Davey.  Every holiday, his birthday along with every person’s birthday in my family, every family and friend gathering and every anniversary will have a hole – a 6’5″ hole.

Before Davey’s death, I often would write something like “praying that God will give you peace and strength during this season of grief’ on sympathy cards to people who had lost someone they loved.  I don’t write that anymore because grief is not a season that will have an end for people like me.  Grief is now a permanent part of my life here on earth.  I will be feeling the affects of losing Davey until the day I walk into my forever home in heaven, hand in hand with Jesus.  Only then will my grieving be over.

 I am gradually getting used to the pain and loss of Davey’s death.  I’m growing used to watching my hopes and dreams for my life with Davey continue to be blown away in the cruel wind of reality.

I’m getting used to missing Davey.

But that doesn’t stop the tears as my long season of grief continues year after year.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you.

4 responses to “A Very Long Season”

  1. Hugs and love to all who loved and will always love and miss this wonderful guy that had his life cut way too short. I feel your pain Judy. It will never be over until we meet again at Jesus feet…. 💙💙💙💙 love you


    1. Love you, Cindy💙💙


  2. You certainly are not alone Judy! Before my son’s death, I would express condolences like you described. Now, literally, I think of him many times a day. I have a little memorial set up in my office which I pass by numerous times a day.

    What has helped me most, is to understand that the Lord has temporarily placed us here for a “tour of duty” before He calls us “back to Headquarters”. The closer I stay to the Lord, the better I am doing.

    So now, my focus is on making a difference in the lives of those around me. My wife and I have decided to reach out to widows and make life easier for them. We do this through our church. (The widows do not have to attend our church)

    We have an Annual Widows Banquet (free) and a special Valentine’s Day Banquet, a Thanksgiving Dinner (on Thanksgiving) and 3 different events each month. One is a Dutch treat lunch, another is a trip somewhere close, and another we call Dinner and a Movie (potluck)

    We also have widows and some widowers over for dinner at our house (6 at a time) once or twice a month.

    My heart aches for having lost my son. But I remember that nothing is actually lost if you know where it (he) is! That brings me a measure of comfort.

    I do not know just when my “tour of duty” will end, but until it does, I have resolved that life is no longer all about me. It is about others and the joy that I can bring to them. And you know what? I never EVER realized the joy and peace that it would bring me and my wife. I guess I can admit that, though I am still hurting and will never stop missing him, this is at least one “positive “ that I can take away from his untimely death in the line of duty! ❤️💔💙

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Joe. We have a small memorial set up in our home that we go past many times a day, as well, with Davey picture, flag, badge, medals and my ‘Quilt for Mother’s tears’. Davey is never forgotten. It’s so great that you have found the purpose God has for leaving you behind. It sounds great! Helping others always helps us. We find the same meaning in our work with the David Glasser Foundation💙💙


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