Not Just One Day

Davey made a habit of telling people he loved them and showing love to them.  He thought this was so important that he tried to influence those around him to also catch the ‘love you’ habit.

So, does it surprise you that he didn’t like Valentine’s Day?

He thought is was a holiday made up by the card and candy manufacturers in order to make money.  He knew that telling someone you love them and showing it was not a one day each year holiday.  It should be an every day event  So, setting aside a day didn’t make sense to him.  I received Valentine cards from him during his ‘make your mom a valentine card’ years at school and church but not very many after that.daveydave-tony-and-carter

What I received from him was so much more valuable than a card.  He gave me consistent, genuine love and attention.  Those of you who are his friends, ‘family’ and family know what I’m talking about.

He cared about us and he showed it regularly in a thousand different ways.

Every day.

Isn’t that so much more important than remembering to show our love one day a year?

Don’t get me wrong – I like Valentine’s Day.  I’ve already bought valentines and candy to give to my friends and family.  And I’ve already received a gorgeous bouquet from my husband – he knows I love flowers.  And he knows I like to get them early so I have them all day on whatever special day we’re celebrating.

But the challenge for us is to figure out how to make every day Valentine’s Day for those we love.  I’m not talking about buying stuff.  I’m talking about expressing our love in words and actions every day.img_2438

This is what the Love You Campaign is all about – remembering to tell people we love them and remembering to show people we love them with our actions.  I have been very encouraged by all of the ideas and love you have been sharing on the Dave Glasser Love You Campaign Facebook page.  You are great!  If you’re not a member of the group, just ask to join and you can share ideas with the rest of us.  We’ve all been putting stickers on things (mine is on the back of my phone) and decals on our cars to remember and honor Davey.  These decals also remind us to ‘Love You’ and encourage others around us to “Love You’.

daves-squadI have more stickers and decals – just let me know if you want some.  The sales of the stickers and decals are helping to fund the trip to Washington, DC for Police Week for Davey’s squad so they can be there to help honor him.  There is also a big March 11 fundraiser planned – we’ll see you there!

These are a couple of awesome ways for all of us to show our love to Davey’s squad!!

#Davewouldloveit #8144loveyou #fallenbutnotforgotten



3 responses to “Not Just One Day”

  1. We will be there March 11th. Looking forward to it.


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