He’s Missing

It’s a constant issue.

Somebody is missing.

A tall somebody who was always adding a lot of fun and laughs to whatever was going on.

A man of faith whose integrity and character clearly showed through the decisions he made in his life.

He’s missing right this instant because we’re visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Denver and Davey always made sure he spent significant time with his family – no matter where they lived.

There’s a hole in our lives that will never be filled.

Sometimes people use the word ‘heal’ when they’re talking to me and I can’t relate.  There’s a hole.  It’s not going to heal over into a scar and fade away.  Not in this lifetime.

So we’re figuring how to move forward with the hole. 

My grandson graduated from kindergarten last week.  Davey would have been beaming – he loved learning and figuring things out.  He had a double major in college of Psychology and Criminal Justice.  I will never forget when he was studying juvenile delinquency – he told me that a working mother was the highest indicator that a kid would have this problem.   Because I had been working full-time at first getting my degree and then my career since before he was born, I thought this was very interesting.  So I asked him with a smile, “Well, what happened to you?”

That led to a in-depth conversation about how it’s not mother’s working that’s the issue – it’s the faith and values and priorities of those mothers along with the fathers that has the biggest influence on the child.

Davey told me many times how frustrated he was with the fact that many parents today use the police as the bad guys with their children.  “If you don’t behave, the police will come and arrest you.”  Really?  What happened to parents disciplining their children and parents teaching their children to respect authority and the rules?  Is it just easier to wait until they are 15 or 16 and let the police handle it?  Policemen spend a lot of time parenting kids whose parents didn’t do it.

The life of a cop.

He was a great cop….and he is missed.

He was a great son and brother…and he is missed.

He was a great husband and father….and he is missed.

He was a great friend and squad member….and he is missed.

There’s always going to be a hole.




4 responses to “He’s Missing”

  1. I so agree with the “hole” analogy. My deceased brother is my ‘family’s’ hole. Another way to consider it, a limb is amputated. You leg will always be gone. The way you get along is like some of the wounded warriors you see on the internet, TV, etc. Imagine Davey in a wheel chair with no legs. How horrible. The great Wounded Warriors we see (and I don’t know how they do it) are fighting to fill the hole, working out, getting prosthetics, building up their arms to make up for their legs, letting others help them . . . they will always have the hole. And maybe later after they have made remarkable adjustments to huge losses, another health issues occurs, a setback, and they might again be at square one, the hole is always there. I don’t know how they do it. They are true Warriors. You and Dave have proven to be Warriors. You two are amazing. Your strength is amazing everyone else. You refuse to be still tho a huge amount of you is gone. I love to read all the memories you write about concerning Davey . . . I review my own memories frequently. I even get new ones from my brother’s friends that to this day I never knew about. I love making new little discoveries about him . . . I keep him alive in my head. There might be a hole, but there is a new alive lobe in my brain. There is a new David Glasser foundation, other things. The Warriors are remarkably growing thru sheer mental strength. Davey would be very proud, also in awe, and know from his psychology background how he obtained his strength, wisdom, ethics, character, and loving heart. Love you Judy, Dave, Kate, Kristen, Micah, Eden . . . . all.


    1. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for the encouragement 💙💙💙


  2. Andrea Austin Avatar
    Andrea Austin

    Praying that the love we all have for you will, in some small way, lessen the echo of the loss. 💙


    1. Thank you for your prayers💙💙💙


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