He Loved Being a Dad

Davey loved life.  He loved a lot of things.

But the three most important things in his life were Kristen and his two children.  And that was very evident in how he lived his life.  They came first.  They were at the top of the list.  Everyday.

He had high expectations for his kids.  He cared about what they were learning and he cared about their behavior.  He was involved in every aspect of their lives.

When Davey’s son was around two, he went through a ‘Daddy’ phase where he only wanted to be with his dad.  Everywhere.  All the time.  They became a constant duo – we always saw them together.  This picture is at church on Father’s Day 4 years ago.

Davey took his son everywhere with him.  He used to spend quite a bit of time at Lowe’s – and so did his son.  Davey would also pick up my husband for these trip to Lowe’s so it became a normal Saturday thing to see all the Glasser Guys in Lowes doing whatever guys do there.

Davey had another favorite haunt that I didn’t know about until one day I was taking my little grandson to Wildflower and he pointed out ‘my daddy’s store’.  Right behind Wildflower is a Best Buy –  I wonder how much time they spent in there 🙂

My grand-daughter had to wear a ‘helmet’ when she was little to help reshape her skull.  Davey would always tell her how great she looked and how special she was.  It was a hot thing to wear and, toward the end, she didn’t want to put it on anymore.  The doctors said she should wear it for a couple of more weeks but Davey took it off.  He said she was beautiful just the way she was.

Davey loved all sports so he spent big chunks of time in his backyard playing catch with his son.  There was a lot of batting practice.  You would be surprised at how well his six year-old son can hit.  Davey also put up a basketball hoop in his backyard that adjusted way down to his small son’s height.  It has a light on it was that basketball practice was also always going on.  You can see in the picture, even when we bought a little $3 plastic golf set – golf lessons started.  

Davey dreamed about his daughter playing softball and volleyball.  I’m sure she will – she already enjoys playing catch.

But he won’t be there to coach her.

And that is what makes Father’s Day such a tough day.  The loss of a truly great dad.  All of the love.  All of the fun.

The hole in our lives is huge and painful today.

4 responses to “He Loved Being a Dad”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful Dad. I am so sorry his children will not have more of him. It is heartbreaking. I love the photos of him with his children. All I can think of is when Steve Irwin died (Australian TV personality and naturalist), it made me sick because his children were so young and he was so huge. Years later I read a follow up on the kids, widow, etc. and
    how well they were doing. The mother said she kept videos, movies, of her husband on TV
    ALOT . . . her little son totally knew who his dad was even tho he was only 2 when he died. The daughter was older and had the memory. They love their Dad as will Micah and Eden all thru the years. Love you and your family.


    1. Thank you💙💙💙


  2. I am very sorry for the loss of your husband and your children’s father. He will be missed, but never forgotten. May God’s comforting arms surround you all and bring you peace.


    1. Thank you. He was actually my son.💙💙💙


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