It All Matters

It all adds up.

Every hug.

Every prayer.

Every good wish.

Every ‘love you’.

Each one matters.

Because each one builds on the last one and becomes the strong foundation of love and care that my family has stood on through this last very difficult year filled with tough days since Davey was killed in the line of duty.

So many people have said to us,  “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.”  Well, you’re doing it – with hugs, prayers, good wishes and ‘Love you’s”.

I am very encouraged by all the blue ribbons on Davey’s ‘Love You’ tree by his spot in the cemetery and I’m looking forward to watching the number of ribbons grow.  Those prayers are working.  Each blue ribbon matters.

I saw very clear evidence of the power of  faith, love and prayer when I talked with other mothers during Police Week in Washington, DC.  We had all lost sons in the line of duty in 2016 but our experiences were very different.   Some of it was the fact that several of them are still dealing with trials and extremely hard circumstances surrounding that.

But I credit the majority of the difference to two main things – our faith in the goodness of God and the huge amount of support we have received from family, friends, the Phoenix Police Department, the entire Phoenix community and our Blue Family.

Every hug, every prayer, every good wish, every blue ribbon, every ‘Love You’ – it has all added up to something very significant.

As a result, we haven’t experienced the bitterness I saw with many of the mothers in Washington, DC.

We haven’t experienced the extremely sad regrets that several of them expressed.

We avoided a lot of the family conflicts they were in the middle of.

We didn’t have the overwhelming need to blame someone.  We didn’t spend hours and hours checking out all of the details, second guessing the decisions that were made on the spot.

During the sessions in Washington, DC,  the members of my family were all split up in different groups that represented their relationship with the fallen officer.  And we all walked away with this same sense that our experience this last year has been different.

We’re not stuck on May 18, 2016.

We’re figuring out how to move forward, knowing that we have your support.  We are looking forward to all the possibilities of making a difference together with the David Glasser Foundation.

Every hug.

Every blue ribbon.

Every prayer.

Every good wish.

And every ‘love you’.

They have added up and made a big difference.

Thank you!  Keep it up!

Love you!





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