He Had Plans

He was going to retire from the Phoenix Police Force after 20 years, get his teaching certificate and coach basketball while teaching at the high school level.

David Glasser, my son who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016, would have been a great teacher.

And he would have been an even better coach.  He not only loved sports – he understood the complexities and reality of playing them.

But – none of it is going to happen.  This is one of the most painful parts of the tragedy of his death – all of these dreams have been snatched away.  Lots of plans and fun and awesome experiences – which we’re not going to have.

This is definitely a hot button of grief in my life.  His plans.  He was going to continue to work and give and sacrifice for the good of our community.  Davey would have positively touched hundreds of kids and their families’ lives in high school with his unique combination of fun, integrity and faith.  The stories and the accomplishments would have filled several books.

I think this is one of the places that hurts the worst when your child dies – all of the things that were going to happen and should have happened, just aren’t going to happen.  All the potential.  All the possibilities.  Gone.

For me, this part has been much more difficult than with other deaths I have experienced.  I was very close to my mother and I miss her a lot.  When she passed away at 84 years-old, she had lived a full and faithful life.  She assured us she was ready to go ‘home’.

So very different.

This is much harder.

The hole doesn’t go away.

The lost dreams come back to haunt me.  They remind me of who is missing in my life.

One of the ways we are reclaiming some of those lost plans is through the David Glasser Foundation.  We are continuing the work which Davey started.

We broke ground on the David Glasser Athletic Complex in Laveen, Arizona last week.  There are already 2 functioning baseball fields at this location and now a football/soccer field is being added.  Thank you to the Laveen Elementary School District for honoring Davey this way!

He would love it! Davey’s grandfather passed away 2 weeks before Davey died and he has a baseball field in Pennsylvania named after him.  Davey was very proud of this and he visited the field every time he could making sure his son got to see it, too.

So breaking ground on the athletic complex comes with a good feeling of moving forward in reviving some of the dreams Davey had:

  • dreams of kids learning perseverance, respect, accountability, teamwork and responsibility through sports which can prepare them to become positive adult contributors to their community.
  • dreams of kids being coached well, giving them a good role model so they can identify the ‘good guys’ and want to be a part of the solution in our culture.

Breaking ground.  It’s a good term.  Once the ground is broken, there is no putting it back exactly like it was.  Broken ground becomes something else.   And this broken ground is going to become the David Glasser Athletic Complex filled with lots of potential and possibilities.

New dreams fulfilling old dreams.

A new plan has begun.


2 responses to “He Had Plans”

  1. Judy:   Another great posting.  I was very pleased to hear about the sports complex being dedicated to Davey.   I thought I would pass the following along.  My friends, the former District Attorney for LA County, Steve Cooley, and another Deputy DA, Bob Schirn, have written a book being released at the end of the month.  It is called “Blue Lives Matter: In the Line of Duty”.  One of the chapters is devoted to one of my investigations.  The book is about the investigations and court proceedings concerning the murders of eight different police officers in Los Angeles County.  You can learn more about it at: http://www.bluelivesmatterthebook.com    This will be the first of three or four books in a series.   Hope you guys are all (or nearly) settled in at your new place.   Love & hugs,   Mike   


    1. Thank you! I have a copy of the book- going to dive into it. Own that we are moved. I’m looking forward to it. When will we see you again💙


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