Happy Birthday, Davey!

Today would have been David Glasser’s 36th birthday.  He was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 19, 2016.

In our minds and memories, he will forever be 34 years-old.

Davey loved his birthday.  We had a party every year and he really enjoyed getting presents – no matter what the gift was.  Here’s a picture from about 12 years ago when his birthday fell on the same day as a Cardinals home game and his party was a tailgating party.  This was just the beginning of his growing passion for tailgating.  He had to be wherever the party was!

If he were alive, he would be preparing for the ASU vs UofA football game next Saturday.  He hosted several Gameday BBQs and seriously loved to trash talk any UofA Alumni who came – one of whom is his only sister.  Yes, we are a house divided.  And we’re divided very unevenly because all of us graduated from ASU except my daughter.  If you ever sat near Davey at a Cardinal’s football game and someone with the opposing team’s jersey or hat walked up the stairs, you know the razzing that Davey could deal out.  It was one of his specialties.

Davey would also be getting ready for his squad’s annual Christmas party which he hosted several times in his house.  He loved to have everyone over, play some poker, eat a lot of food and make great memories.  There were stories of the squad taking turns racing Davey’s riding lawn mower around on his huge back yard .  I wasn’t there – I just heard the stories.

So today we watched the Cardinals game with Davey.  His super-tailgating buddies set up the TV and food close to Davey’s spot in the cemetary and the party started.  The air was filled with the joy of being together and sharing great memories touched with grief because of the big hole Davey’s death has left in all of our lives.

Davey would have loved it!  He would have been wearing his Cardinals hat, making sure he talked to everyone and never running out of things to make fun of.  He would really appreciate the effort of turning a potentially sad day into a good time with family and friends.

After the game was over, we all sent balloons with messages from us up,



up into the sky……

until we couldn’t see them anymore.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Davey.

We love you.  We miss you.



2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Davey!”

  1. Such a wonderful way to celebrate David’s birthday. I’m sure he was watching that game with you and figuring he couldn’t do it any better.


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