Get in the Picture

I love having pictures of memories – they help me remember the feelings I had when it was happening and it makes the memory even more precious.   Since I love having pictures, I take a lot of pictures.

I didn’t realize until after my son, David Glasser, who was a Phoenix Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty that I had very few pictures of just him and I – and most of those were when he was a little kid.  I have tons and tons of pictures of Davey and his dad and, of course, I was there taking the pictures…..

but I’m not in the pictures.  Most of the pictures are of fun times and special memories.  I wish I were in them.  Those of you following this blog are seeing me post the few pictures I have with adult Davey over and over and over – because that’s all I have.

Some of you may hate getting your pictures taken and you’re wondering why not being in the picture bothers me.  Hopefully not, but consider for a second how you might feel differently about pictures with your son or daughter or grandchild whom you loved if the worse happened.  If you had to live the rest of the your days on this earth without them.  If memories are all you had left.

I can’t do anything about the past but I can change the future.  So those of you who know me know that I have become the ‘Selfie Queen’.  I am now in the picture along with everyone else.  When someone in the group says – ‘I’ll take the picture’, I say, “Nope!  Everyone’s in.” . Luckily I’m tall with long arms so I have a built-in selfie stick.  I think my record number of people in one of my selfies without a stick is 12.  When I actually have one of my selfie sticks, ( I have more than 1) I can get 30 or more people in.

I’ve made kind of a game of it.  I’ll hold up the camera and say “Get in” and everyone has to find a spot.  My family has become experts at this.  Jostling for a spot can be kind of fun so almost everyone already has a smile when it’s picture time.

And – bonus – I’m in the picture.  I’m there when next year I want to look at it and remember.  I’m there 2 years from now when I look at it and remember.  I’m there 30 years from now when I’m no longer here but others want to look at it and remember.

My suggestion to you – get in the picture.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you.

6 responses to “Get in the Picture”

  1. Wonderful advice! I too found that I had very few pictures of just Adam and I.
    Get in the picture!


  2. What incredible advice Judy. I agree. I am glad you and I have had the opportunity to take our selfies and we have good memories to share. I remember once when we came out to Phoenix (like in 1992 maybe) when your Mom and Merle were visiting you. Merlin and I came over and met you and your family. I have a picture somewhere in my photo album of a nice picture of Davey, your Mom and Step Dad Merle and Merlin & Me. I know this is how memories are better remembered. Take pictures often. We never know when we will become a memory!


    1. Love you, Cindy💙💙💙


  3. I love that you are taking many pictures and I enjoy the selfie pictures you have taken with me and with so many others. Your advice is great. We never know when we might not be here and we will only have the memories! So as you have said; get in the picture!! Love you Judy. Keep up the awesome blog messages! They are all so wonderful.


    1. Thanks! This doesn’t show your name so I’m not sure how you are.💙💙


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