He’s Not Here…

but he’s not gone.

My son, David Glasser, was a Phoenix Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on May 18, 2016.

He’s not here but he continues to live on in the lives of the people he touched.  And he touched a lot of people.

Davey loved people.  He loved talking to people and people were drawn to him because of it.  He was a collector of friends and he had a lot of them – from all over the city.  I’ve seen him get in a long line at the concession stand at one of the many sports games he attended and, by the time he got up to the order window, he had made a new friend of the guy in front of him or in back of him in line.  That guy would show up at the next Cardinal’s tailgate party and be automatically accepted into the crowd of Davey’s buddies.

Davey’s love and acceptance changed us.  We belonged when we were with him.  It was a special gift he had that sprang from his general love for people.

His influence on our lives is far from gone.  His “love you’ echoes in our ears, reminding us to love others every day of our lives – even people we don’t know.  I love this picture of a sign someone made –

It has been challenging me to figure out how show more love to people I don’t know –

On freeways – letting cars enter ahead of me even if I have to slow down to make that happen.

Grocery stores –  checking the people behind me to see if they have significantly less items that I do so I can let them go ahead of me.  I’ve also started letting moms with a ton of kids go ahead of me knowing that waiting in line with all those kids is not a fun thing to do.

Doors – I’ve become more aware of people behind me going in and out of doors so I can hold the door for them.

Smiles – I’m so glad we’re not wearing masks anymore. I missed seeing people’s faces – the world became so impersonal and sad. I know I’m not the only one who felt that so now I always try to smile at anyone who is looking at me.   I make sure to say ‘hi” if they keep looking at me. Maybe that little bit of recognition will bring some light into their world today.

Prayers – I pray for people I pass whose cars are broken down on the side of road.  I pray for the police officers and people involved when I see an accident.  I pray for the people who are in the ambulance with its lights on as it passes me.

This world can be a very lonely place.  I live in a 55+ community where I know some of the people I meet in the morning as I walk my dog, Bella, have lost their significant other.  After their walk, they go home to a very quiet place where they miss the joy and companionship they used to have.  So I always smile and wave and say good morning. It may just be the small spark of “I see you” that person needs. 

Many of the people in my community have the habit of waving at everyone. As you walk by, as you drive by – they throw up a wave. At first this seems like a strange thing in this world where people don’t even look at each other but then it begins to feel good, like ‘you are included’. You are part of this community, so you get a wave, even when they don’t actually know you. And so you start waving back. I like it! If you want to start showing love and care to people you don’t know in your neighborhood, start waving at them….and watch them start to wave back.

As a police officer, Davey showed love and care for people he didn’t know all day, every day.  This is what police officers do.  Davey also did this in his personal life, role-modeling for us how to love people even when we don’t know them.

Davey’s not here, but he’s not gone.

Miss you, Davey.

Love you.

8 responses to “He’s Not Here…”

  1. Thank You for giving such heartfelt suggestions on how to do the little things that are the big things. A smile and a wave to those we don’t even know not only may make their day but lifts my spirits as well. May God continue to Bless and Keep you🙏🏻


  2. What an extraordinarily important gift that your Davey left for all who knew him or knew about him! Love is a four letter word that has the impact to change the world and Davey “lived” it! Judy! Thanks for sharing Davey’s powerful message and how it has impacted your life♥️


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Pearl. Love you💙💙


  3. I LOVED THIS MESSAGE SO MUCH. You are right Judy. There are so many ways we can show our unconditional love for others. Loving others is so important. Saying I love you is not hard. Just do it. Davey you were an amazing police officer and so missed in this earthly place. But we know you are not really gone as your love shines through always. Love you Judy and Dave.


    1. Thanks, Cindy. Love you💙💙


  4. Thank you for reminding me these small things are not so small after all!


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